Laptop Keyboard Not Working Dell? Here Are Some Quick Fixes And Solutions In 7 Point.


Introduction:-Laptop keyboard not working dell

Laptop keyboard not working dell
Laptop keyboard not working dell

When we use laptop then we are facing Laptop keyboard not working dell manytimes. Millions of people rely on Dell laptops, which are strong and dependable computers, for both personal and professional requirements. However, Dell laptops could occasionally have problems just like any other technological gadget. When a laptop keyboard fails, customers may experience one of the most aggravating issues. A broken keyboard can reduce productivity and make regular chores more difficult. This thorough tutorial explores typical causes of the “laptop keyboard not working” problem on Dell laptops and offers detailed instructions for fixing it.

1. Scan for physical harm:-

Checking the laptop for physical damage is vital before beginning a difficult troubleshooting process. Keyboard problems might be brought on by spills, drops, or impacts. Look closely for any signs of liquid infiltration, loose connections, or broken keys on the keyboard. It’s important to seek professional repair assistance or get advice from Dell support if you notice any physical damage.

2. Restart your computer:-

Sometimes all it takes is a restart. Temporary system errors are the cause of a lot of keyboard difficulties. Save your work, quit all open programs, then restart the Dell laptop as instructed. Check to see if the keyboard works properly after a restart.

3. Upgrade or revert keyboard driver software:-

Laptop keyboard not working dell

Keys that are not responding could be caused by outdated or damaged keyboard drivers. Follow these steps to update the drivers:

a. Click on the Start button with the right mouse button and choose “Device Manager.”
b. Click on your keyboard device’s right-click menu after finding “Keyboards” in the list and expanding it.
c. Select “Update driver” and adhere to the on-screen directions to automatically seek for and install updates.

Try reverting to an earlier version if updating the driver does not fix the problem:

a. Right-click your keyboard device in the Device Manager.
b. Click “Properties”, then click the “Driver” tab.
c. Select “Roll Back Driver” if it is an option.

4. Verify Keyboard Language Preferences:-

Language preferences on the keyboard can cause the keys to behave strangely. Make sure the appropriate keyboard language is chosen:

a. Select “Region and Language” under “Control Panel.”
b. Select “Change Keyboards” from the “Keyboards and Languages” tab.
c. Make sure the proper keyboard layout is chosen. In that case, add the appropriate layout and make it the default.

5. Utilize the on-screen keyboard:-

You can use the on-screen keyboard as a temporary fix if the real keyboard is still uncooperative. Use these steps to access it:

a. To launch the Run dialog, press the Windows key + R.
b. Enter “osk” after typing it.

By using your mouse or touchpad to click on the simulated keys on the on-screen keyboard, you may text.

6. Conduct a System Restore:-

Laptop keyboard not working dell
Laptop keyboard not working dell

System Restore can return your system to a previous state where the keyboard was functioning if the keyboard issue arose after a recent software installation or update:

a. To launch the Run dialog, press the Windows key + R.
b. Enter “rstrui” after typing it.
c. Adhere to the guidelines to pick a restore point and carry out the restoration.

7. Perform a system scan:-

The keyboard is one of the system components that malware and viruses can affect. Use your selected antivirus program to do a comprehensive system scan to find and get rid of any potential dangers.


It can be annoying to deal with a broken laptop keyboard, but with the troubleshooting advice provided above, you can locate and fix the problem on your Dell laptop in no time. Verify keyboard language settings, update or rollback drivers, check for physical damage, and if necessary, use the on-screen keyboard. If all else fails, don’t be afraid to get help from an expert or ask Dell customer service for more advice. A functioning laptop keyboard guarantees a smooth computing experience for all of your projects and endeavors.

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